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3 Signs Indicate That Your Home Is Moth Infested

3 Signs Indicate That Your Home Is Moth Infested

Sometimes the moth comes in front of you or sometimes, it just stay hidden. When it is hidden anywhere in your home, it could be doing the reproduction. No matter, moths are hidden or wondering around you, their existence in your home is really frustrating. It can deliver damage to your belongings No one can bear the damage of their accessories as these could be next to your heart. On the other side, the moth can attack the food that you are currently intaking.

This is why the removal of moths is necessary for everyone who notices in them in their residential or commercial area.

Signs Indicate Moth Infestation

  • Damaged Clothes

    The moths could either damage your clothes or they will keep their eggs in your fabric. Frequently, they deliver damage in the knitwear like wool, alpaca, cashmere and angora. They can even damage the other stuff including leather or silk garments. They create the irregular holes in your clothes while the size of the hole depends on their existence. If the moth is living there for a long time, it could be a big hole.

  • Damaged Carpet

    The carpets can also be damaged in the same way as the clothes. The moths can deliver damage most probably at the larvae stage. Usually, they target the wool rugs and carpets. They choose the dark areas to lay their eggs especially when you have installed the wall-to-wall carpet or rugs under furniture. While the carpet bearing up with regular traffic have fewer chances of moth.

  • Moth In Kitchen

    Moths are difficult to find at their egg stage. But, the adult moths flying in your kitchen are easy to see and difficult to catch. They often fly around the open packets and dried food material such as cereal, grains, flour, etc.

  • When you notice the signs of moths and moth itself then simply call the Our team of moth exterminators ensure to get rid of them as soon as possible. We care for you and this is why we use only advanced, eco-friendly and safe techniques to remove the moth. We are just one call away.

Why Pests Are A Big Problem In Commercial Premises

5 Successful Pest Control Measures To Adopt In Winter

Many pests just enter in your commercial building in the search of shelter and food. If they don’t find something to eat they attack the existing assets and start to damage them. Thus, a company faces numerous consequences when it becomes pest infested. As a result, you have to think over the matter how to get rid of pests and safe your belonging. Pest is like an enemy to your assets in a commercial site. They can deliver the below harmful effects.

Pest Feces

You may never know that the pest like rodents faeces, urine and saliva when getting in touch with human being, it can put you in a serious health hazard. Even, if you unknowingly take the food infected by the rodents or other pests, you may get food poisoning. On the other hand, pest dropping on your workplace does not suit your office appearance.

Chew the Material

When it comes to chewing the material, the rodents come first in the mind. No matter, companies are well equipped with computers and electronic devices, still, the use of paper documents is a part of the commercial sector. Even, when we talk about the electronic wires, these are also chewed by the rat and mice.

Damage Furniture

Bed bugs are the pesky pests that can make you difficult to work smoothly at your workplace. These can be found in your office chairs, sofa or carpets. The only solution to remove the bed bugs by your own is either provide extreme temperature or change your material. Otherwise, you have to take help of expert pest exterminators.

When you find your commercial building is infested by the pests, simply call the We know how risky it could be for an individual to handle the dangerous pests. This is why we have a well-trained team of professional exterminators. Call us today for free estimates.

Why Cockroaches Increase In Summer And How To Remove Them

5 Successful Pest Control Measures To Adopt In Winter

Even the name of cockroaches is enough to scare us. Often associated with filth, the cockroaches can easily deliver diseases and bacteria to anyone. Especially, the children can easily get infected with cockroach bite. Mostly in summer, the risk of getting diseases from cockroaches gets increased as you less cover yourself due to a hot day.

But, why the cockroaches grow most in the summer season? It’s a good answer and appropriate solution is as given below:

Cockroaches Love Heat

More the warmer environment is, more the cockroaches will breed. Actually, the high temperature is a breeding season that increases the metabolic rate of roaches and helps them to grow faster. This is why the cockroaches are found prominently in the months of June to September
Some species of cockroaches prefer night times to crawl around and hunt for the food items and water. That’s why, in warmer nights they become active and roam under the sink and damper areas. Because, they find it difficult to get food outside the hot climate.

They Hide In Gaps And Cracks

As the temperature increases and the atmosphere turns out to be too hot, the cockroaches start to hunt for the tiny spaces. Thus, if your home has gaps, cracks, tiny holes or space, cockroaches will definitely come to live there. Small gaps around the pipes, windows, doors and other secret entrances are helpful for cockroaches resident.

Solution To Remove The Cockroaches

  • Keep your home clean and dry
  • Cover the eatables and remove the leftovers
  • Control the moisture by repairing the leakage
  • Seal the cracks and gaps properly

In case you have found any cockroach in your home or around then hire the cockroaches experts. Professionals at Pestex are experienced and well versed with new techniques to remove the pests permanently.

5 Successful Pest Control Measures To Adopt In Winter

5 Successful Pest Control Measures To Adopt In Winter

As the winter approaches, keeping pest-free home is somehow a never-ending task. With the continually cooling, colonies of critters easily make their way into the homes as well as business. Once the pests get inside the property, start causing major destruction like chewing household valuables, tearing the wires, food contamination and more. In order to get rid of these crawling insects, you can adopt an option of traditional pest control methods and regular appointments to keep them at bay.

For coming winter, here are a few pest control tips that can help you in keeping the pests away from home:

  1. Gutter Inspection

    The gutter is the most common entry point for pests as it gives them safe place during the warmer months. Unclean or clogged gutters increase the range of roaches, ants, and mice along with a number of diseases. It’s crucial to perform regular gutter cleaning as this will reduce the risk of unwanted pests.

  2. Seal The Cracks

    Another pest control measure is to seal all the cracks both inside and outside the home. Most of the holes and cracks are usually found under the sinks, plumbing pipes and bathrooms. By sealing these major cracks, one can prevent the pests to get an entry in homes.

  3. Cover Food In Containers

    Pests easily find out the open containers of food which make them reside in the homes. To have a pest-free home, it’s necessary to properly seal the plastic containers and never allow the food to reside on the shelves.

  4. Trim The Bushes

    Before the arrival of winter, it’s necessary to trim the shrubs, bushes, and grass and keep all the overhanging branches away from the house.

  5. Professional Exterminator

    If you are already going through any pest infestation, then it’s necessary to hire a professional exterminator on time. Only a professional pest control technician can handle your pest problems more efficiently.

By following these few tips along with the pest control support, one can avoid paying for big investments during the winter. If you want to easily manage your pest control efforts, you can also hire our pest control professionals at

3 Proven Ways to Prevent Mice Infestation

 3 Proven Ways to Prevent Mice Infestation

Pests are nuisance and troublesome creatures that are commonly encountered with everyone, especially the rodents. They are small, yet notorious creatures that are responsible for causing clutter and damages inside a home. Mice infestation can soon turn out into an outbreak, since they keep on increasing their population at a tremendous rate.

Not only this, rodents are extremely responsible for risking the hygiene of a family along with causing severe diseases and health issues. They can destroy your clothes, rags, electrical wires, stored food grains and many other items. The ultimate solution to this problem is calling in experienced pest control company for effective mice removal service.

Some easy ways to prevent mouse are:

  1. Keep your surroundings clean: The foremost thing pests are attracted towards is unclean home. Most possibly, the homes that are more cluttered and unmaintained are risked for mice invasion. To prevent them from invading your home, its advised to keep your property and surrounding clean and hygienic. Since rodents are always in need of food and shelter, trash cans can turn out to be a perfect home for them. To avoid an outbreak of disease like plague, its greatly advised to empty the trash cans on regular basis.
  2. Cover all the visible holes: Since mice are quite tiny, they can easily gain entry inside a home through the smallest hole and wall crevices. Even the pipes that are around one-fourth of an inch can easily be accessed by a mouse. To prevent their entry, inspect your property thoroughly and seal away every hole, aperture, crevice and crack. Install a cover screen on vents that allow the transmission of hot air but prevents entry of mice.
  3. Use mice repellents: Mice repellants are effective in deterring away these pesky insects from a property. If you are planning to use repels, do remember to keep them away from the reach of kids and pets as they are poisonous in nature. It is an inhumane practice that actually kills the pest and therefore, should be used only in extreme situations. One can try mouse traps that are humane practices and effective in controlling the mice population. Catch the mice in the trap and set them free at a far away place.

These are the few effective ways for mice control and prevention from a property. If you are stressed and frustrated with mice invasion in your home, call in our pest exterminators for effective mice removal service.

4 Benefits Of Choosing Professional Pest Control Company

 Benefits Of Choosing Professional Pest Control Company

One of the common problem faced by homeowners is pest invasion in their yard or home. Are you really tired of pests and doesn’t know how to eradicate them permanently? Don’t panic, there are numerous ways to get rid of these tiny creatures. Hiring a pest control service provider can turn out to be an economical and effective option that can help in long term pest removal.

Insect infestation is responsible for degrading the integrity and hygiene of a home, along with contaminating the surroundings. Trained professionals are well versed with the techniques that can help in handling these invasions in an efficient manner.

Some of the advantages that expert pest controllers offer are:

  1. Long term solutions: The foremost benefit of choosing professionals is quality service and long term effect. DIY pest elimination using chemicals and other inhumane methods may not deliver appropriate results. Moreover, there are chances that you may not be able to eradicate them permanently. In contrast, by hiring experts, one can remain assured about the results.
  2. Time and money saving: Skilled exterminators are well known to the tools, products and methods that are beneficial in removing unwanted insects from a property. If termite invasion go unnoticed, it can cost repairs worth thousands of dollars. Reputed pest control companies can help in providing cost effective cum efficient services.
  3. Finding the source: No method can work, unless and until, the root or the hidden habitat of a pest in treated. In case, one eradicates the pest successfully but doesn’t remove the sources that attracted them, chances are that the insects will return soon. In order to deal with the problem, professionals can determine the cause and solutions based on the depth of invasion.
  4. Use few chemicals: Since insects are living creatures that do feel pain, one shouldn’t kill them inhumanely. There are many pest control products that can deter these creatures away, instead of killing them. Always remember that chemicals are not only harmful on insects, but have negative impact on you and your family health too. Trained exterminators use pesticides and green products that are helpful in humane pest removal.

These were the few benefits that can be enjoyed after hiring a reputable pest control company. If you are facing pest invasion in your home, feel free to contact us.

The Benefits Of Using Canines To Find Bed Bugs

The Benefits Of Using Canines To Find Bed Bugs

Have you notices blood spots on your pillow cover or bed sheet? Have you ever seen red marks or rashes on your body after waking up in the morning? If your answer is yes, it means you have bed bugs in your house. These pests are very small and so good at hiding in the tiniest and hard to see areas.

Just because these pests are very tiny so it is very hard to spot them with human eyes. They come out in the late hours of the night to feed. Bites of these tiny pests are painless and are not known to carry any diseases. Just because their bites are painless, it does not mean they are not annoying. Due to their hard detection rates, pest control companies offer canine bed bug detection services. Here, we have listed a few advantages of using canine bed bug detection service in Hamilton.

  1. Dogs are honest: Dogs are honest friends of human. They are trained to work for love and food. Like human, they do not work for money and profits. In many ways, dogs are just like people. Dogs know how to complete their job or task.
  2. Fast inspection times: Bed bug dogs are very fast and efficient to find tiny pests in your house. They are able to effectively search the entire building in a very short period of time. Whether it is all about inspecting large hotels, buildings or other public places, it takes very less time to complete the visual inspection.
  3. All life stages are detected: A professionally trained canine is fully qualified to alert to both live bed bug eggs and live bed bugs. Hiring a canine bed bug service is the best way to detect all stages of live bed bugs.
  4. Cost effective: The cost of bed bug inspection varies depending on the size of your house and rates of your local area. Canine detection generate more accurate and quicker results and it leads to lower remediation costs. For large buildings, schools, colleges, hotels, commercial and other government places, this cost effective service can be quite substantial.
  5. Greater peace of mind: One of the biggest advantages is you will get a greater peace of mind after inspecting your house by canine service. Research shows that if a canine finds these tiny pests, there is a very high statistical probability you should investigate further. If a canine does not find these tiny pests in your house, you know with greater certainty that your house being investigated is safe from bed bugs.

As a homeowner or a business owner if you are interested in maintaining the reputation and image of your residential and commercial property, a canine bed bug detection service is good for you.

Four Reasons Why DIY Pest Control Is Not A Good Idea

Four Reasons Why DIY Pest Control Is Not A Good Idea

Pests are a very common problem for every homeowner. No matter where you live, rats, mice, bugs and other pests can find you and they can cause serious health problems for you and your loved ones. Nowadays, there are a number of solutions to eliminate pest problems, though not all may be effective and safe. Some of them are DIY methods such as use of chemicals and traps. While these do it yourself pest controls might seem the easiest and the safest way to treat a pest issue. But in reality it is usually more of a waste of time, a hassle and generally unsuccessful.

Address the pest problem is not as easy as it seems. You may think that you have just ants on your house and able to tackle the problem. It can be unsafe in some cases. So, if you have a pest control problem, it is good to hire a professional to identify and sort out the issue.

  1. You spend more money in the long run: As a homeowner, you may choose those cheaper pest control options to eliminate pests from your property. But in reality, these options are not as effective as professional treatments. If you adopt some cheaper treatments, it can make you vulnerable for pest infestations which are expensive and hard to get rid of.
  2. Small problems can become big problems: When you decide to tackle a pest problem on your own, it may be a small issue. There is a possibility that a small pest problem is actually a big problem. The main trouble with DIY treatment is that a little issue not handled properly will become a big issue.
  3. Lack of knowledge: Solving a pest problem on your own can be difficult without appropriate experience and knowledge. With the help of a pest control professional, you will be able to complete the task in an effective and professional manner. He will provide you step by step information that you can take to prevent infestations. A pro will ensure that all the pests are eradicated from your property.
  4. Chances of risks: You may use chemicals to remove pests from your home. There are a number of risks that may occur when you try to use DIY methods with a lack of experience and minimal knowledge. Using the wrong or incorrect product could backfire. You can take an example of bees. If you try to eradicate them with a wrong method, you may attract more bees that could potentially harm you and your loved ones. Getting the help of a professional is a good idea, instead of do it yourself.

Hiring a professional may cost a little bit more than trying to eliminate pests on your own. When it comes to the safety of you and your family members, the decision of calling a pro is an easy one. With a huge amount of training and experience, a pro is able to provide you top notch services.

The Most Common Flea Misconceptions Debunked

Flea Misconceptions Debunked

Fleas are very tiny pests. Just because they are too small, they can be hard to find and even harder to get rid of them. Most of the homeowners feel horrified, when they find fleas on their four legged furry friend. Some of them get surprised by finding them, especially if their pet is an indoor pet or their dog or cat treated with a monthly flea control product.

There are a number of misconceptions about fleas and flea control. Knowing the facts about fleas can help you get rid of these annoying blood drinkers. Here are a few myths about fleas. Have a look at them and educate other during the height of flea season.

  1. Fleas live on pets, not in the homes: This is one of the wrong statements about these tiny blood drinkers. They get entry into your house through your dog or cat. Carpets, pet beds, and bedding are common places for fleas, flea egg and flea larvae. If you suspect flea in your house, take an action immediately.
  2. A few fleas are not a big deal: This is the most common myth. In reality, you are not able to remove them from your house permanently. Whether you have a few fleas or a large amount of them in your house, you need the help of a professional to eliminate them.
  3. I already treated my home: It is impossible to kill flea eggs, because when an adult lays eggs, it forms a hard cocoon, called the pupae. You can only kill that egg once they hatch into adult fleas. Due to this reason, it is important to treat your home every month.
  4. Natural remedies are safe and effective methods: It is good to use environmentally friendly products to remove them from your house. But these products do not provide you permanent solution. Garlic is the most common home remedy, but it is recommended by expert that do not use it, because it is extremely toxic to cats.
  5. Keeping the house clean will prevent fleas: Whether you have a clean or a messy house, fleas usually enter the house easily. They live in cracks, laminate, tile floors and around the edges of wooden furniture. If you live in the area of fleas, it is important to protect yourself and your pet at all times.
  6. I don’t have to worry about them during winter season: Although you may not see fleas during the cold season, but they can live comfortably in your home. If your home had a flea problem during the warm season, the chances you have the same problem during the cold season as well.

There you have it. These are just a few misconceptions, there are so many others. Do not follow these myths when it comes to flea prevention. Get the help of a pest control professional to know more about flea prevention methods.

Signs That You Might Have Pests And It Is Time To Call A Professional

Time To Call A Professional

When you find pests in your house, it can be a very frustrating situation for you. You cannot eliminate them permanently from your premises on your own. Sometimes homeowners rely on some do it yourself methods to remove bugs and other pests from their house. But these DIY methods are not enough to get rid of the problem.

Pest infestation can damage your house and create an uncomfortable environment for you and your family. You can easily find pest removal recipe on the internet, but sometimes you are not able to apply them. So, it is the best idea to call a pest control professional in Hamilton. It is good to hire a professional and pest control problems should be handled by him.

  1. You notice mud tubes: Termites used mud tubes to travel between their colonies. If you have noticed mud tubes in your house or on your home’s foundation, it means you have termites in your house. To check that you have termites or not, inspect the foundation of your house. Hire a pest control professional to perform a yearly inspection.
  2. You hear a scratching sound: Sometimes you hear scratching and rustling sounds within your walls. You may ignore it, but the bad news is that pests have invaded your house. If you are listening scampering during the night, don’t afraid, it is just rodents. Call a professional to inspect your house.
  3. Pest droppings and urine: When you see pest droppings and urine in your kitchen in the morning, they often indicate an infestation. It can pose to serious health risks to you and your family members. Cockroach droppings are smaller than mice or rat droppings. If you find it in your premises, take steps to immediately eliminate them.
  4. Property damage: Having gnawing signs on your furniture, clothes, mattress, and carpets means you have pests like rats or mice in your home. Property damages depend on which type of pest has invaded your house. Droppings everywhere, chewed wires and gnawed attires are some signs that you have rodents in your house.
  5. Blood spots on pillow covers: Blood spots on bed sheet, pillow covers and red rashes on your body are some common symptoms of bed bugs. You cannot see bed bugs with bared eyes. Red rashes on the body and blood spots on bed, you can only diagnose them with these signs. These pests are very hard to find during the day, because they are active during the night. Hire a professional to remove them permanently.

No one like the thought of an infestation, but they face this problem in their life. If you notice any one of these signs in your premises, it is good to call a pest control professional at Pest Control in Hamilton.