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Commercial Pest Control Services By Pestex

Pestex provides high quality, affordable, reliable, trusted and efficient commercial pest * rodent control services in Ontario. As a commercial property owner, you know that your business property(s) are vital to the infrastructure of your business, and what goes on in those properties is important to your business. With a pest infestation, your property is put in danger, and the work being done on the property is hindered. Instead of allowing pests to infiltrate your property, call Pestex. We’ll get the job done right by making sure your commercial property is pest free!

Commercial Hideouts For Pests

A large number of commercial places come under the radar of pests. Apart from offices and factories, these pests can also be easily found in public areas. Some common commercial hideouts for pests are:

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Factors Governing Commercial Pest Infestation

Infestation of pests in commercial places is governed by a number of factors. Pests like to invade those places that are favourable for their breeding. Some common factors that affect the infestation of pests in commercial places are:


Locale of the area plays an important role. Whether the location is a rural, urban, commercial, industrial, or a park, pests can infiltrate almost anywhere. The species of pests and the extremity of an infestation can change depending on the location of a commercial pest infestation, but it can still occur nonetheless.


The age, condition, foundation and structural integrity of a commercial property plays a pivotal role in whether a pest infestation can occur. Old and ill-constructed buildings run a greater risk of pest infestation as compared to new and intact properties.

Types of Goods

The kind of goods present in a commercial complex also governs the kind and degree of a pest infestation. If a building stores bio-degradable goods like food then pest infestations are very likely to occur. The opposite is true when considering a building that stores generic metals.

On-Site Cafeteria

If a business is serving food to it’s customers and/or employees, then a pest infestation can occur easily. Pests look for food sources when they decide to infest a specific building, so a building with easy access to food can be an easy victim of recurring pest infestations if measures aren’t put into place.

How We Deal With Pests On Commercial Properties

Pestex, is a leading pest control service provider in Ontario, Canada, that has helped thousands of commercial spaces get rid of pest infestations. Industrial pest control services require professional grade pest extermination equipment and serious experience. here at Pestex, we’ve got what it takes to handle any infestation! Call now for a free quote on our commercial pest control services!

Commercial Pest Control Services
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