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Rarely do business owners know, but commercial places offer a much more suitable environment for pests to feed and breed. People working in that place are too busy, they hardly notice them. Even if they do, they don’t care much. One shouldn’t forget that pests bring with themselves a wide array of diseases and infections. Commercial or residential, pest must be dealt with strictly.

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Commercial Hideouts For Pests

A large number of commercial places come under the radar of pests. Apart from offices and factories, these pests can also be easily found in public areas. Some common commercial hideouts for pests are:

  • Plazas
  • Offices
  • Parks and gardens
  • Shopping complexes
  • Basement Parking
  • Factories and Workshops
  • Rooftops of buildings
  • Multiplexes

Factors Governing Commercial Pest Infestation

Infestation of pests in commercial places is governed by a number of factors. Pests like to invade those places that are favourable for their breeding. Some common factors that affect the infestation of pests in commercial places are:

Locale of the area plays an important role. Whether the location is a rural, urban, commercial city or industrial park, pests can infiltrate almost anywhere. The only difference could be in the kind of pests and their population.”

The age and kind of construction of the commercial premises also plays a pivotal role in the pest infestation in that place. Old and ill-constructed buildings run a greater risk of pest infestation.”

Type of Goods
The kind of goods present in the commercial complex also govern the kind and degree of infestation. If the goods stored include bio-degradable materials, then pests will infest to a greater extent.”

On-Site Cafeteria
If food is being served on-site, pest infestation can also happen since pests have much more options to feed upon.”

How We Deal With Pests in…

Commercial Pest Control Services

  • Restaurants and Hotels – We, at, make sure your standards of hospitality stay at the top forever. A pest infested room or eatery will disappoint your guests. can provide effective services for bed bugs, termites and other kind of pests present in cracks and crevices.
  • Food Processing – Food and beverage processing facilities keep on combating constantly with flies and other sort of pests. provides high quality floor and machine sanitizing solutions which make sure your processing environment stays void of any bacteria.
  • Health Care – It is mandatory for facilities that provide health and medical care to be from any kind of pest infestation. Our bed bug and bacteria removal services make sure your patients get the best of your services without any threat from pests. is a leading pest control service provider in Canada and has helped thousands of commercial spaces to get rid from the most infectious pests. Industrial pest control requires professional grade pest exterminators from

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