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Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control

Q.1. Are the products used for pest extermination safe for kids and pets?

Ans. Yes absolutely, your safety is our top priority. Our all services are professional and our technicians are trained regarding application of materials ensuring safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Q. 2. Why should I hire Pestex.ca instead of attempting to control the pests myself?

Ans. Pest control requires accurate products and expertise that are offered by Pestex.ca. Attempt of such jobs by an ordinary person can be dangerous. Leave such kinds of jobs for experts only

Q. 3. What questions shall I ask while professional pest treatment/inspection?

Ans. You can ask the following questions:

Q. 4. Why are baits effective than sprays?

Ans. Spray products don’t last for longer time and must be applied directly on the pests or insects for effective results. On the contrary, baits are more effective and provide durable results. They work on both visible and invisible pests. It’s success rate is higher than of sprays.

Q. 5. How long does it take to exterminate the pests?

Ans. The time vary with the type of pest or insect needed to be exterminate and the pest management technique being employed. The ongoing service agreement will make sure that the pests are controlled and completely prevented from your place. Its our guarantee.

Q. 6. Does it take more than one treatment for fleas, ticks and bed bugs?

Ans. Yes, fleas, ticks and bed bugs have different species having different habits. We need to catch them and apply the most effective solution accordingly.

Q. 7. Do You have any ‘green pest’ control options?

Ans. Yes, we also offer natural, chemical-free solutions for the customers. Our pest management program have a wide range of organic products such as granules, clove oil, insecticidal soaps and many more. These methods are adopted to eliminate the pests along with minimizing customers concerns regarding chemicals.

Q. 8. What areas do you serve?

Ans. You can request our pest control services across Hamilton, Haldimand & Niagara Areas.

Q. 9. What am I suppose to do prior to Pest Control treatment?

Ans. Our technicians will advise to remove pet food, dishes, exposed food items, toys etc from the area to be treated.

Q. 10 Are all pests equal when it comes to treatment methods?

Ans. No, each pest requires a different elimination approach. There are various methods that lead to specific pest extermination. Some of the methods are natural and organic while others require use of harsh chemicals. Some of the methods ma be mechanical in nature like that for rats and mice. The exact methods to be used depend on the level of infestation, pests, region/geography and more factors.

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