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Bed bugs are often called the ‘Pest of the 21st century.’ Although they were almost eradicated from Canada during the 1950s by the help of DDT, they rose again with a vengeance with much more increased resistance to pesticides now.

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How to Identify Them?

  • Bed bugs generally are 1/4th to 3/8th of an inch in size.
  • The bed bugs today are brown or reddish brown in color.
  • They are flattened from top to bottom and are wingless.

Why They Should be Dealt Immediately?

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Extermination
Bed bugs like to reside where they can feed easily. As their name implies, bed bugs generally live in the bed where they can easily have their supper – your blood. Being nocturnal feeders, people generally don’t realise that a bed bug is feeding on them because they are sleeping while bed bugs have their feed.

Apart from the bed, these bugs can also be found in furniture, wall cracks, HVAC vents in rooms and even electrical sockets. These bugs sense the CO2 that humans and pets exhale which makes them easy to track the inmates of the house down for a quick blood meal.

Some Facts About Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs may require a blood meal in every 2 to 3 days.
  • Female bed bugs can lay 200-500 eggs in their entire life.
  • Bed bugs don’t transmit any diseases to humans or pets.

Pestex’s Way of Dealing With Bed Bugs Treatment for bed bugs at is a three step process.

Bed Bug Treatment :

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment : Areas infested with these bugs are treated by dry steam or high temperature. Cracks and crevices present in furniture and walls, box springs and mattresses are treated with these steam. Dry steam can kill bed bugs no matter what stage of life they are in, even eggs. This treatment also helps to save a lot of bucks which otherwise would have been spent on furniture replacement.
  • DE Treatment : All the wall baseboards are then treated with DE or Diatomaceous Earth. This is actually a product of natural silica that helps to destroy bud bugs by abrasion. This chemical scratches the outer surface of the bugs dehydrating them totally. This chemical has no expiry date and if properly applied can help to control future infestations too.
  • Chemical Treatment : Another residual chemical treatment is applied to deal with potential resting and breading areas. Unfortunately, most companies don’t perform this step which allows future generations of bed bugs to thrive in some corner of the house. We, at, however spray the necessary chemical at almost all possible locations to free your house from any future bed bug problems.

Bed bugs although don’t bring any diseases with them for humans and pets, but the mere thought of them sucking your blood in the night while you sleep should be enough to trigger you against them.
We, at, have been providing our best-in-class pest control services to Canadian residents and businesses. We have the necessary experience along with effective products that make sure you don’t suffer from the same problem again.

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