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At Pestex, we are more than just exterminators! We are your home’s guard against severe pest infestations. Pests are serious health hazards for humans, unregulated infestations can spread diseases. They are a grave risk to the health and safety of your family, home and business. For years, Pestex.ca has provided high quality pest control services at unbeatable prices!

Our experienced team of exterminators can exterminate almost any infestation! We provide rat & mice exterminationant exterminationbed bug exterminationcockroach extermination and much more! We can exterminate any pest that you’ll find in Ontario, and if you don’t believe us, give us a call today! In short, Pestex is your trusted local expert for everything Pest Control!

Affordable Pest Extermination Services in Ontario

Pestex.ca team inspects to identify, analyze and remove your specific pest issues. We offer comprehensive pest control and removal services for commercial and residential clients in Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand and the surrounding areas. Our eco-friendly pest removal solutions ensure your premises are not over-run by harmful chemicals. We aim to identify pest infestation and devise tailor-made strategies for every client.

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What Makes Pestex the Benchmark in the Pest Control Industry in Ontario


We are the local pest extermination professionals; residents call us for any pest infestation emergency.


We use high-tech, effective & advanced mechanical, chemical & general pest control solutions.


We are reliable and professional with multiple pest extermination solutions and eco-friendly chemicals.

All Pests Covered

We cover a wide range of pest infestations for both commercial & residential clients.

Pestex – Your Ideal Partner for War on Pest Infestations

Pestex helps you win the war with pests. Our team’s in-depth knowledge and experience in providing pest control services ensures that you not only deal with your current pest problem, but also create a healthy and safe future where the infestation doesn’t return. We truly understand the gravity of our words when we make the promise of 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Just tell us what issue you’re facing and the soonest that we can come and take a look at the infestation. We’ll come prepared and exterminate the infestation on the spot!


Pestex provides a wide range of pest control services to its residential clients in Ontario across Hamilton, Niagara & Haldimand areas. We exterminate all kinds of pesky pests from simple residential homes to multi-story homes and quaint houses. All pests in the residential areas are covered under our home pest control services. We understand that each home has its own unique needs for pest infestations. That’s why we offer custom-made pest control services to every client.


Our certified pest control experts cater to individual business needs with superior tailor-made pest control solutions. Our commercial operations begin with an on-site visit and subsequent consultation about specific necessities. Pestex provides efficient pest control services and long-term pest control programs designed for your business in Ontario. Treatment methods are explained in detail, along with customized documentation before kick-starting operations.
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