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At, we are more than just exterminators! We are your home’s guard against severe pest infestation. Pests are serious health hazards for humans and they constant growth can spread diseases. They are a grave risk to the health and safety of your family or even commercial premises. For years, has rendered superior pest control services at unbeatable prices in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines & their surrounding areas.

Our experienced team undertakes superior general pest control program, bees extermination, bed bug treatments, rodent control and much more. In short, is your trusted local experts for everything Pests.

Affordable Pest Extermination Services team inspects to identify, analyse and remove your specific pest issues. We offer comprehensive pest control and removal services for both commercial and residential clients in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines & their surrounding areas. Our eco-friendly pest removal solutions ensure your premises are not over-run by harmful chemicals. We aim to identify pest infestation and devise tailor-made strategies for every client.

What Makes the Benchmark in the Pest Control Industry


We are the local pest extermination professionals residents call for any pest infestation emergency.


With multiple pest extermination solutions and eco-friendly chemicals, we are reliable and professional.


We use high tech, effective & advanced mechanical, chemical & general pest control solutions.
All Pests Covered

All Pests Covered

We cover a wide range of pest infestation for both commercial & residential clients. – Your Ideal Partner for War on Pests helps you win the war with pests. Our team’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the pest control realm ensures that you not only deal with your current pest problem, but also create a healthy and safe future. We truly understand the gravity when we make the 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Just tell us which pest infestation you want taken care of or just call our experts to identify the nuisance.

RESIDENTIAL provides a wide range of pest control services to its residential clients across Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines & their surrounding areas. From simple residential homes to multi-storey homes and quaint houses, we secure them all from pesky pests. All pests in the residential areas are covered under our home pest control services. We understand that each home has its own unique needs when it comes to pest infestation. That’s why we offer custom made solutions to every client.

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Our certified pest control experts cater to individual business needs with superior tailor-made solutions. Our commercial operations begin with on-site visit and subsequent consultation about specific necessities. provides tailored pest control and removal programs that are designed for your business in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines & their surrounding areas. Treatment methods are explained in detail along with a customized documentation before kick starting operations.

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One Simple Call can Rid You of Pesky Pests

Need Emergency Pest Control Services? Get quick pest infestation assistance now by calling our exterminators. Call a team that has been trusted by hundreds of local homeowners and businesses to eliminate pest problems.

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