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Hornet Extermination Hornets are considered to be the most dangerous and aggressive members of the wasp family. They are the largest species sized around 2.2 inches. There are around 20 hornet species found around the world. They generally prey on other insects, caterpillars and many other species. The venom of some hornets can be extremely painful and even cause death. Queens often dominate the hives and reproduce.

Our hornet extermination services in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington & Milton offer complete elimination of hornets from homes and commercial premises.

Hornet Nests

Hornets begin a nest to reproduce and keep her young safe. A hornet nest can be as big or small as like a soccer or golf ball. Most of the hornet nests are found in places such as trees, bushes, attic beams and at other concealed areas. Their nests often scare people. After all, they can be really dangerous. You need professionals to prevent them from infesting your dwelling.

Types of Hornets

  • Asian giant hornet
  • Asian predatory wasp
  • Black-bellied hornet
  • Black shield wasp
  • European hornet (sometimes known as Old World Hornet, or Brown Hornet).
  • Greater banded hornet
  • Japanese hornet (sometimes known as Japanese yellow hornet).
  • Lesser banded hornet
  • Oriental hornet

Tips For Hornet Nest Removal

  • The best time for hornet nest removal is during the night. They are less active and dangerous during night.
  • Wear apt clothing and shoes for the hornet prevention job. Cover your whole body with long and thick material clothing. Wear leather gloves and boots to safeguard yourself from hornet stings.
  • Stay quiet and gently step head towards their nest otherwise they can get alert and attack you.
  • Use a red filter flashlight, while whole operation.
  • Vacate the site as sooner possible and don’t go there for at least one or two days.

What Do We Do?

We, at Pestex.ca execute numerous operations to prevent the existence of hornet nests from your residential and commercial settings. Our technicians go step-by-step to eliminate all the potential chances of human harm. We undertake the following steps:

Locating the Hornets Nests
Hornets nest can be identified only in the evening as at that time they are less active. The nest can be located by looking at the direction they are flying towards.
Application of Insecticide Spray
There are some specific insecticide sprays help in getting rid of hornets nests. They can be easily spayed from a distance of 15 feet or more. After all, maintaining the safe distance from these dangerous bugs is utmost important.
Absolute Safety and Protection
During hornet nest removal, accurate safety measures are crucial. Thick clothing along with protective masks, gloves and goggles are required. Hornets may attack and sting anyone. Thus, accurate knowledge and preventive care methods must be executed on time.
Spray Insecticide in the Nest
In the evening, the nest can be located and effective insecticide applied to kill or prevent the hornets from your place. Our technicians make sure to keep you and your family away from the whole procedure. The nest area is sprayed again to make sure the hornets are gone.

Removal of Hornets Nest
Once, the technicians get sure that all the hornets are killed, they will remove the nest or hive from your premises. The area is cleaned with soap and water to remove the scent of the nest to avoid hornet coming back.

Pestex.ca pest removal professionals follow all the safety procedures to handle effective pest removal. We understand that pest infestation can get dangerous. Allow us to visit your premises and analyse the situation to give you a more realistic estimate on our hornet removal services.

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