Fleas Extermination Services in Hamilton

Fleas Extermination Fleas are highly prevalent in Canada and entire North America. These can exist anywhere open food is available to feed upon. Fleas can readily cause a health crisis due to their allergic nature and fast movements. Their infestation does not occur on a large scale but rather on a consistent small cluster scale.

Pestex.ca undertakes comprehensive flea extermination services in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton & Milton.

How to Identify Them?

  • They are dark brownish in color with a shiny texture on them.
  • Their length could be anywhere from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch.
  • Fleas have a hard body that is void of wings and is laterally flat.
  • Large legs at the back help them to take pretty long jumps.

Why They Should be Dealt Pronto?

Fleas fall under the category of common household pests that mostly attack pets. However, people too are in their zone. In fact, anything that is potential source of blood is their host. Fleas can cause various infections in pets or humans like; dermatitis, anemia etc. Fleas may even lead the infestation of tapeworms in their host.

Fleas also played a significant role of transmitting the very famous Plague disease from rodent to rodent which ultimately killed 10 million people in Europe and another 10 million in India. Thus, it becomes somewhat mandatory to get your house free from fleas.

Some Flea Facts You Didn’t Know

  • In an infestation, generally, only 1-5% of fleas are adults.
  • A female flea can lay at most 2,000 eggs in her entire life.
  • Fleas have an average life up to 100-120 days max.

Pestex’s Strategy to Tackle Fleas

Fleas can be tackled effectively by a stepwise implementation of the below mentioned steps.

The house is inspected for fleas to determine the extent of infestation. All possible breeding grounds of fleas are identified and then analysed so as to treat them effectively. Depending upon the inspection, the treatment plan is devised.

Next, all the pets of the house should be given a flea bath through a professional vet or pet groomer so as to remove fleas from their body. Once washed, these pets shouldn’t be allowed to enter the flea infested premises.

All the carpets, rugs and corners of the house are thoroughly vacuumed so as to make the place sterilized. Vacuuming helps to remove a major portion of these fleas. The vacuum is then left out for its treatment.

Lastly, a good quality anti-flea pesticide is sprayed all over the house that kills the remaining fleas instantly. The residents do not have access to their treated house for at least 4 hours depending upon the level of treatment.

If your house is facing a flea attack, you must undertake a home flea inspection at the earliest. We, at Pestex.ca, provide a wide range of pest control services for both – residential and commercial complexes.

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