Centipede and Moth Extermination Services in Hamilton

Centipede & Moth Extermination


Centipedes are the members of Chilopoda class. They are elongated flat bodies having around 100 legs. They are of different colors and patterns but mostly found in brown and reddish orange color. They can be of 4 to 152 mm in size depending on the species. Centipedes have two long sensitive antennae. They have small mouth along with a large claw-like structure containing venom gland.


Centipedes mostly hide in dark and moist areas. They can live for a year or more. They can enter houses and generally found around the bathrooms, basements, closets etc. Their antennae help them in detecting their prey. They are carnivorous by nature and feed on insects, spiders, worms and other arthropods.

Signs of Centipede Infestation

Generally, centipedes show no direct signs of infestation. Its better to think for centipede prevention methods, once you encounter them first time in your premises. Centipede bite can be painful but do not cause any serious health threat to humans. They are difficult to handle without prior knowledge about their habits and actions.

Kinds of Centipedes

  • House Centipedes
  • Giant Desert Centipedes
  • Poisonous Centipedes
  • Texas Redheaded Centipedes
  • Centipede Larvae
  • House Clear Colored Centipedes
  • Identifying Centipedes
  • Poisonous Black Centipedes
  • Wood Eating Centipedes

Moths Infestation Removal Services

A moth is an insect and close relative of the butterfly family. They have a vast number of species. Moths are regarded as pests as some of their species eat clothes and blanket fabrics. They get attracted towards light and generally require small holes and cracks to get entry into your home.

Some of the Moth Species

  • Atlas moth
  • Black Witch
  • Cecropia Moth
  • Comet moth
  • Death’s-head
  • Emperor Gum Moth
  • Imperial Moth
  • Luna Moth
  • Polyphemus moth
  • Prometheus moth

What Do We Do To Prevent Centipedes and Moths?

We, at Pestex.ca, provide numerous pest control solutions to Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton & Milton residents. Our technicians use effective pesticides to prevent centipedes and moths from your dwellings. There are some specially formulated pesticides used by our technicians to prevent their infestation. The pesticides are directly sprayed over the pests and/or at the potential infested areas. The occupants are required to vacate the place for at least 4 to 5 hours. Our technicians ensure effective moth and centipede extermination to prevent your dwelling against pests.

Our technicians mostly use Eco-friendly solutions for pest extermination. We strive hard to provide instant pest elimination remedies.

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