Flies Extermination Services in Hamilton

Flies can be a big nuisance not only in your home but in your business as well. Flies are nothing new to us humans. We have been struggling with them since ages. However, people generally ignore them in daily lives. This is probably their biggest mistake which can turn into a full-fledged infestation.

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Why Fly Extermination?

Fly Extermination

  • Flies reside in the worst and dirtiest areas making them harmful.
  • Flies generally can contain more than 100 pathogens within them.
  • They cause infections like cholera, typhoid, bacillary dysentery, hepatitis.

A number of toxins and diseases are embedded in flies which makes them extremely harmful for all those in their vicinity. These annoying pests will keep on pestering you until they find a suitable source for feeding or breeding.

Flies extermination shouldn’t be procrastinated at all. Often people consider them an issue too small to deal, however, that’s nothing but a misconception. Flies can induce various infections in humans making the place unsuitable for human dwellings.

Types of Flies

  • House Fly
  • Blow Fly
  • Fruit Fly
  • Drain Fly

Some Facts About Flies

  • Life expectancy of a fly could be either in weeks, months or even a year. It usually depends upon the species of the fly.
  • A single pair of flies can give birth to 1 million offspring in just a few weeks time through their offspring’s offspring.
  • The gut of a fly could contain millions of infectious organisms with another billion present in the fly’s body and legs.
  • Every time a fly lands on a utensil or an edible item, it sloughs-off thousands of serious illnesses by triggering disease-infected microbes.

How Pestex.ca Deals With Flies:

Pestex.ca is pleased to offer its best products and services for the extermination of flies. The problem of flies could be anywhere, so we tackle the problem according to the surroundings. If it is a house, our methodology will be different as compared to commercial complexes. Following are some salient features of our services:

  • A fly inspection is carried out first so as to identify the level of infestation. The method to inspect is somewhat the same for both residential and commercial complexes.
  • After the inspection, an analysis of the situation is done so as to devise a treatment plan for the flies. The treatment plan enables our pest control experts to do their job in the best way.
  • High quality insecticides are sprayed in the house and around its surroundings to rid it from any flies. Flies readily die once they come in contact with this fly inhibitor in the house.
  • For commercial buildings, we provide technologically sound light traps. Unlike other bug zappers that lead to air contamination, go for our fly catchers to capture flies in a non-toxic glue.

Flies are probably the most infectious and problematic pests present in the house. We, at Pestex.ca, have been providing our leading pet control services to our local community since years. Remember, flies are insignificant but still a grave threat to civil sanitation.

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