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What Causes Bed Bugs In Your Home & How To Get Rid Of Them

What Causes Bed Bugs In Your Home & How To Get Rid Of Them

Finding out your home bed bugs infested is one of the annoying situations. Bed bugs are kind of pest that enter in your home or office, spread quickly and cause a heavy infestation. The bugs pierce your skin as they survive on warmer blood. Their bite delivers swelling and scratching which results in skin infection.

The best course of action is prevention. Below is given complete information about bed bugs appearance in your home and the solutions to get rid of them faster.

What Brings Bed Bugs In Your Home?

The bed bugs drive from one to another place. They tend to attach the items that you brought from outside without inspecting such as second-hand furniture, mattress, etc. The bugs are mostly available at the theater, bus stand, trains, hotels, etc. From there, the bugs drive along with your luggage, backpacks and briefcases.

Moreover, your pets can bring the bed bugs from outside. Remembers the bed bugs like to live in cozy places. Once they have entered your home, they will drive from the mattress, curtains, upholstery furniture, electrical board, carpet, etc.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

  • Inspect the hotel room where you are going to stay during vacations or business tours.
  • Check your suitcase and wash your clothes with hot water when you return you home.
  • If you are going to shift in a new home make sure that should be pest free.
  • If you buy second-hand material, you should inspect it before bringing in your home.
  • Do the vacuum cleaning at least once a week.
  • If you find the bed bugs in your home, make sure to wash entire linen using the hot water.
  • Seal the cracks in your home where the bed bug or other pests used to live.

The tips mentioned above, you can use commonly to make your home pest-free. In case, your home has a bed bug infestation, hire the pest removal specialists at We have a team of experienced pest exterminators in Hamilton and surrounded area serving with affordable and durable pest removal services.

The truth behind bed bugs you did not know

The truth behind bed bugs you did not know

Bed bugs are very nuisance creatures. Bed bugs are very small in size and reddish brown in color. They feed on human blood. These blood sucking insects can survive for many months without food that is human blood. Bed bugs are known as very frequent travelers and the consequences of coming into contact with them can be very dangerous for you. Once your house infested, it is not possible to eliminate them without the help of a pest control professional.

  1. Bed bugs not only live in unclean area: Most of the people think that these blood feeding pests are only found in unclean area. But the truth is something else. They are roaming around, whether the area is clean or unclean. There is no limit and particular place where these pests can set up camp.
  2. They are not only found in beds: Just because they are active during the night and you got some blood spots on your bed sheet, bed bugs are not only found in beds. They come to your bed in the night, just because of blood. Otherwise, you can find them easily various places except bed. When you are traveling and staying in the hotel, be sure to inspect your room. If you found anything suspicious, take action immediately.
  3. Bed bugs are well traveled: Bed bugs are wingless insects. They cannot travel on their own. They like to travel with you. When you stay in a hotel that is already infested with these tiny pests or when you stay in your friend’s house, you will bring these small oval shaped pests with you and provide them a new shelter which is your home.
  4. You can avoid them while traveling: Yes, it is a true that you can avoid bed bugs when you are traveling. There are various ways to keep them out from yourself, including pack your clothes in sealable plastic bag, keep your luggage on a stand instead of a floor, and vacuum your luggage after coming from a long holiday or business trip.
  5. You cannot treat them: If you are thinking that you are able to remove them from your house permanently, you are totally wrong. You cannot treat the problem on your own. To eliminate them from your property, you need help of a pest control professional.
  6. Bed bugs are not spreading diseases: Bed bugs are not known to transmit serious diseases. Bed bug bites may result to swelling and allergic reaction in some people, but not any serious disease.

These are some truth about bed bugs that you may not listen before. If you got a bed bug bite, it is advisable that contact with a pest control professional in Hamilton as soon as possible. Do not try to treat the affected area alone. Contact to a Pest Control, we will help you remove your specific pest issues.