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The Most Common Pest Control Myths That You Should Ignore

The Most Common Pest Control Myths That You Should Ignore

Do you have pest control problem? Do you try to tackle the issues yourself? Because pests are very nuisance, it is very difficult to deal with them on your own. Pests come in several sizes, from small creepy crawlers to sizable animals. Dealing with them you need the help of a pest control professional. A professional is able to how to deal with the pest problem safely and effectively.

When it comes about to deal with them on your own, most of the people think that they can remove them very effectively. But in the reality, they are not able to perform this job. There are various myths related pest control service have developed surrounding their extermination. Before adopting these myths, you should think twice.

  1. Mice or rat love cheese: Just because you see it in the cartoon movies, it does not mean you should try it in real life. Instead of cheese, rat or mice love to eat peanut butter, candy, marshmallows, pet foods, dried butter and others. Even you can use cereal for bait. Whatever you choose for bait, make sure it sticks to the trap to prevent rats.
  2. Clean house does not have pest problem: This is kind of a joke. It does not matter that how clean your house is, there are some pests that will still make their nests inside your house. Termites and carpenter ants are two major insects that absolutely live in your house without your permission.
  3. Boiling water wipes out ants: It is true, but boiling water only kills ants directly at the surface. It does not reach the root of the problem like a colony of ants. If you poured the boiling water in the correct location, it will obviously deliver you the right results.
  4. If you don’t see pests, you don’t have a pest problem: As you know pests are very small in size. Due to their small size, they hide easily in cracks, under the furniture, holes and other dark places. Some pests are very hard to see. So, if you don’t see pests in your house, it does not mean that you don’t have a pest problem.
  5. Bug bombs can treat bed bugs: Having bed bug infestation is a nightmare. To eliminate blood sucking pests from your house, you use bug bombs and hope the horror would end. It may work, but it does not provide you effective results. It will not kill bed bugs which are hidden under the mattresses, cracks, crevices, and under the furniture.

Remedies may work to keep pests out of your house, but all the remedies do not work effectively. Some are just myths like given above. You may kill some bed bugs, mosquitoes or other pests, but it does not mean you eliminate them permanently from your premises. Contact to Pest Control in Hamilton to get rid of pests.