Residential Pest Control Services

Pests have been bothering homeowners since time immemorial. has been providing quality pest control services to Canadian households from a long time. Our experienced technical team with their advanced anti-pest equipments make sure that once exterminated, no pest ever dares to come back to your house.

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Common Hideouts of Pests in Home

Although pests can be found anywhere in the house, but sometimes they are too minute in size that one can hardly notice them. Common hideouts for pests in homes are:

  • Beds, cupboards
  • Basement
  • Drainage and plumbing systems
  • Garden and landscaping
  • Recessed ceilings
  • Hard wooden floors
  • Kitchen
  • Living room

Pest Movement and Elimination

Residential Pest Control Services

  • Pests that are minute in size move in the entire house without our notice. Since we stay unperturbed by their presence, thus it becomes easy for them to make us our target. Most pests, like bed bugs are nocturnal feeders i.e. they stay in their hideout all day, and then come out to feed in the night. Other pests like cockroaches, hornets, flies etc. that are very much visible to the eye also move and feed freely in the house without much problem.
  • Homeowners can use certain pest control products on their own for their elimination, but the sole problem with them is that pests have evolved themselves according to those products. Hence, using those products on the pests doesn’t do much good. You may even successfully banish them from your house, but you certainly can’t stop them from coming in for the second time. For a permanent solution, professional pest control services of are undoubtedly the best.

Common Pests Found in Homes

  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Hornets and Wasps
  • Ancaster
  • Burlington
  • Welland
  • Hamilton

An insight to Our Professional Techniques

  • Spiders are present in almost all houses. makes use of glue traps for their removal along with an anti-spider chemical that makes sure they don’t infest in future.
  • For the extermination of bed bugs and termites from furniture, special kind of varnish is used. Unlike other abrasive products of amateur pest removal companies, makes use of a ‘green but effective’ varnish which ensures that your furniture doesn’t get affected while the annihilation of bed-bugs and termites takes place.
  • Professional smoking techniques are put in practice to eliminate hornets and wasps. Dealing with hornets could be dangerous as they can sting repeatedly if disturbed. Hence, it is always best to go for professional services for their extermination.
  • Our flea removal service is done in stages where we inspect your entire premises. Your pet(s) is then given a flea bath and kept out of the flea infested place i.e. your house. Next, we vacuum the entire house and spray an anti-flea chemical so as to exterminate them completely from your house.

Areas We Serve

  • St. Catharines
  • Niagara Falls
  • Milton
  • Brantford

We, at, have been providing our quality pest control services to residential and commercial places since a long time. Our effective pest management practices have made us the most sought company for pest removal in Canada. Contact us anytime to get a ‘Quote’ on our services.

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