Pest Control Smithville - Smithville's Pest Control Professionals

Pest Control Smithville - Smithville's Pest Control Professionals

Smithville is a community in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. Due to Smithville’s proximity to large bodies of water, it has become a large breeding ground for household pests. This has also made it  poddible for excessive breeding of various pests in the areas surrounding Smithville. Pestex has offered the best quality pest control services in Smithville for a considerable period of time, freeing homeowners from pest infestations. If you work with Pestex, you work with the #1 Pest & Rodent Control service provider in all of Smithville! Call us now for a free quote!

Pest Control Smithville

Why is Pestex known as the Best Smithville Pest Control?

In Smithville, we are a leading name when it comes to pest control service because:

  • Our technical team is available 24/7, allowing them to provide efficient pest control services at any hour of the day.
  • A highly qualified and trained technical team is what makes us proud. This team can successfully carry out any pest removal task.
  • Our company believes in the concept of ‘Green Pest Management.’ We always use those products that are safe environmentally for the local community.
  • Advanced pest extermination equipment and products allow us to pay attention to the needs of our clients in a limited time.

Our Most Sought After Pest Control Services in Smithville

Amongst our various services, there are some services that make people call us on an everyday basis. Depending upon the diversity of pests in that region, these services contain the following:

Spider Removal Services

Smithville is home to a large species of spiders which often make their webs in residential or commercial areas. Specialized spider glue traps are used along with other products during our spider extermination services to wipe them off entirely from your place.

Ant Extermination Services

Daily, billions of ants that rise from the Niagara Escarpment make their way into Smithville, searching for food and a new place to breed. Our ant extermination services promise you that the ants will change their direction instead of entering your house or work premises.

Rat or Mouse Removal Services

Some localities are home to big groups of rats and mice, which shift from place to place for food and shelter. These rodents also bring aboard various infections and places. Our rat and mouse extermination services make sure they never infest your place again.

Other Pest Control Services in Smithville

Other than the services mentioned above, Pestex also provides various other pest control services to local businesses and residents.

Pestex has dealt with the pest infestation problems in Smithville for a long time and therefore we know this industry inside out.  Our modern arsenal of pest control products and equipment allow us top efficiently, effectively and quickly exterminate pest infestations in Smithville!

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