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Mice & Rat Removal Want to get rid of rats and mice in home? Pestex.ca rat and mice removal services in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton & Milton are leading the charge with quality and affordable services. Mouse and rat infestation in house can be the most serious and dangerous health problems. However, rat or mice poison or snap traps can be a significant help but only for a stipulated time. Pest removal services are the real cure.

What is the difference between Rat and Mice?

Mice and rats are common names for rodents that look alike. But, they have different body structure as rats are medium sized rodents with thin long tail. However, mice are tiny, sparrow-sized rodents. Mice are very clever rodents that require a small hole to invade your home. They breed at a faster pace and can have 5-6 litters per year reproducing 4 to 6 babies each time. Both these rodents are mostly found around human dwellings.

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Damages Caused by Mice & Rats Infestation

Mice and rats can cause immense property damage. They can gnaw through plumbing pipes, blocked drains, chew through wiring and destroy the structural support leading to numerous water damages, knocking down the building or even cause a fire. Thus, getting rid of these rodents must be your top priority.

What Attracts Mice and Rats Inside Homes

Mice and rats are in consistent search of food. Thus, they tend to set their nest around the areas providing rich food sources. They are most commonly found in compost piles, rotting fruit, behind the bushes, garbage bins etc. These rodents just need a small hole to get entry into your home.


  • Capsule shaped faces
  • Crawling or scrambling noises from the attics
  • Chewed food
  • Weird marks on walls, wooden or plastic surfaces
  • Burrows in the garden
  • Signs of nests in garage, or utility box
  • Nests in garages
  • Rat carcasses

Rats/mice can nest in walls, vents, attics, under eaves, chimneys etc. They love to nest in human environments as there they can find food, heat and livable surroundings.

Simple Methods for Rat and Mouse Control

Rat or mice control strategy comprises of three crucial elements: sanitation, proofing and population control. There are several do-it-yourself chores that can help you in limiting their population. Regular housekeeping is crucial to reduce the shelter, food and water availability for these rodents. Mice extermination has many other simple yet highly effective methods.

Rat and Mice Control Tips

  • Covering the garbage bins with tight-fitting lids
  • Reduce clutter as that can be their ultimate spot to hide
  • Prevent food sources such as craps or pet food
  • Sealing the exterior holes or cracks to prevent their entry
  • Doors and windows must be tightly fit
  • Cover the vents with heavy gauge wires

Professional Pest Extermination Services

Rat/mouse problem can be eliminated by keeping the surroundings clean and eliminating all the potential food sources. Seal all the entry points to prevent the entry of these rodents into your home. It is advised to call pest control experts to address these uninvited lodgers with accurate preventive tools.

Why Hire Pest Control Companies

Some pests are easy to get rid of, but rats and mice can be a great nuisance for your place. Rats/mice are dangerous and wild. They can bite and their poison can lead to numerous health hazards, even fatal diseases.

Professional pest exterminators will apply comprehensive approach to completely eliminate their existence. They will trap, bait and apply chemical treatments to prevent rat/mouse infestation. They just need to explore the whole infrastructure of your settings and implement relevant strategy for exterminating these rodents from your premises.

We, at Pestex.ca, provide a comprehensive range of pest control services. Our technicians undertake both long-term and short-term approach helping you get rid of the rats/mice permanently.

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