Going On Vacations? 5 Wise Tips To Eliminate Bed Bugs

Going On Vacations? 5 Wise Tips To Eliminate Bed Bugs

If you are planning a vacation, then be aware of bed bugs before entering the hotel door. Being a traveler, one needs to be cautious about the bugs and its bite. Such like homes, these bug infestation does not mean that you are living in an unclean hotel room. It’s such a case of bad luck that you carried them with you at any point of life. An average person always find difficult to find the pests like bed bugs which are living under the mattress, sofas, and pillows. In order to keep yourself away from severe bed bug attack, you must adopt some useful ways to treat them in hotels.

Here are the few wise tips that help you to get rid of bed bugs when you are staying in some hotel room:

  1. Inspect The Corners: Usually, bedbugs tend to settle in hidden corners of the room that includes mattress, box spring, bed frame or might be inside the nightstand. These bed bugs are very tiny in nature but can be noticed through signs like small blood stains, tiny-sized eggs, and transparent shells.
  2. Be Careful While Unpacking: Being a traveler, you must keep your luggage far away from the bed and place them on the dresser surfaces. While unpacking your clothes, you must hang your clothes instead of folding them.
  3. Clean & Wash Your Clothes: In order to keep yourself extra-safe, wash and dry your clothes immediately or vacuum your luggage before storing them.
  4. Hire A Professional: If you find a bug in a hotel room, then you must call an exterminator to eliminate them. A professional is best in making use of traps, insecticides and other useful methods to kill the bug infestation.
  5. Treat Bug Bite On Time: A time when you wake up and you feel itchy and see red swollen clusters on your body must consult with a doctor to treat yourself.

If you wondering bed bugs in your hotel room, you must do a proper investigation to search for the infested signs. It’s better to hire a professional pest control company to treat the area with insecticides and examine the affected rooms for eggs. For best results, you can call our exterminators at Pestex.ca.

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