3 Signs Of Fly Infestation In Your Home

Fly Infestation

When you notice the fly sounding buzzing around your home, you may initially try to ignore them. But, if you find flies in a large number, you could get into trouble with flies infestation. The flies can be a nuisance and require prompt treatment because they can cause several potential harms such as:

  • Contaminating Food
  • Spreading Disease
  • Infection To Sensitive Skin

To prevent all these issues, it is necessary to utilize the effective treatment exact at the moment when you notice the signs of flies infestation.

Common Signs Of Flies Infestation

  • Small Dark Cluster of Spots
    Inspect the upper areas of your room and wall surfaces and check the light fittings to find the small dark clusters. You should even check the drainage channels, drains and regions around the sinks where flies often locate in search of food and water.
  • Regular Seeing of Flies
    Noticing a large number of flies buzzing around garbage bins and other waste containers indicate a severe problem due to flies. Also check around the water pools, guttering, rain barrels, tires because waterlogged pot plants are a key attraction of flies.
  • Maggots
    Maggots are the flies in their larval stage that sign for a potential breeding site on your property. You can notice the larvae in deteriorating food and waste areas.

How Do Flies Look?

Generally, the flies are about 1/8 to 1/4 inches long and dull gray. Their middle part of the body has narrow black strips, and two stripes could be available on their faces. On the other side, the fruit flies adult is up to 1/8 inches in length and dull-colored. Their eyes can be bright red or dark red-brown.

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