Can Ant Infestation Pose Health & Property Hazards?

Can Ant Infestation Pose Health & Property Hazards?

People often take moving ants inside their home for granted, since they believe that these tiny insects can’t do any harm. But, the reality is far different from this belief. Though ants are small, they can ruin the hygiene of a family by contaminating almost everything. They can be easily seen moving around the walls and floors in the form of long queues. Ant infestation is responsible for causing many health and home problems, like diseases, wall holes, food contamination among others. Its advised to remove them from your property with the help of ant removal experts.

Some of the threats caused by ant infestation are:

  1. Stings & venom: There are various species of ants found worldwide. Some of them are human friendly, while others are harmful. Ant bites are very common and are generally painful. Most possibly, the area that received a sting will suffer excess of irritation, itching and swelling. An individual may need to seek immediate medical attention, in case an allergy occurs due to a venomous bite.
  2. Contamination & diseases: Ants are known for crawling over the food sources, no matter they are in cooked or raw form. They are generally more attracted towards sweet dishes like cookies and soft drinks. The reason why their infestation shouldn’t be took for granted is that these tiny insects carry harmful bacteria on their body and cause severe health issues. Since ants feed on dead remains of plants and animals, there are great chances that they can contaminate almost everything they move or feed upon. They are carriers or vectors of diseases like dysentery, smallpox and salmonella.
  3. Damage to home: These tiny creatures prefer to live in colonies and breed at a faster rate to come up with new offspring’s. This means your home will soon be full of ant infestation every here and there. A common category of ants i.e. carpenter ant is responsible for causing excessive damage to the wooden structures and furniture by burrowing tunnels through them. Red fire ants are known to damage electrical wires and appliance outlets by tearing them away.
  4. Exterior damages: A common habitat for ants is yard and soil. One can notice tiny holes in the soil that are actually the burrows of these nuisance creatures. Depending on their species, ants may cause damage to your exteriors for building a habitat inside the wall cavities, appliances, furniture, around gardens, under pavements and roof voids. This results in loss of structural integrity, value and hygiene.

These are some potential damages caused by ants. If you are frustrated with ants moving inside your kitchen, feel free to consult our pest exterminators at Pest Control.

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