How To Differentiate Between Bees and Wasps

 How To Differentiate Between Bees and Wasps

Wasps and bees look a little similar but are different pest species that usually invade your yard. If you are out at a park for a picnic and notice some small insects buzzing around on the flowers, they are aggressive wasps. These insects are also called yellow jackets that are likely to sting humans. If they are buzzing over your face or any other body part, don;t shoo them away, as they’ll sting you. Bees, on the other hand, are small but fat insects that are less likely to sting humans. Whenever, a honey bee stings a person, it dies off. This is the reason why it doesn’t prefer stinging.

What Do Bees Look Like?

Bees are little and fat insects that have hairy body. This means if you notice a hairy insect buzzing around, its bee not the wasp. Honey bees usually have yellow and black stripes on their body, while other bees exist in various colors like yellow, brown, black etc.

What Do Wasps Look Like?

Wasps are comparatively thinner but medium sized insects that have a pinched waist. They are hairless and can be seen in many colors. The most common varieties of stinging wasps are yellow jackets and paper wasps.

How Do Bees Act?

If you are not able to differentiate them by looking at their body, watch their behavior. Bees are called pollinators as they consume the nectar and pollen from flowers. They help in fruit fertilization by carrying and transferring pollens from one plant to another. They are more attracted towards sweet smells and are not at all interested in meat products.

How Do Wasps Act?

Wasps are real predators that survive by eating other insects like flies and spiders. They are very aggressive and can sting a person if they are shooed or deterred away. They can even sting a person multiple times. Nobody wants to live in a wasp infected property, whereas honey bees are liked for their benefits.

These are some of the differences between wasps and bees that can help you identify which of them has infected your property. If you are looking to remove a wasp or bee nest, call in our pest control experts at Pest Control.

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