Why Cockroaches Increase In Summer And How To Remove Them

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Even the name of cockroaches is enough to scare us. Often associated with filth, the cockroaches can easily deliver diseases and bacteria to anyone. Especially, the children can easily get infected with cockroach bite. Mostly in summer, the risk of getting diseases from cockroaches gets increased as you less cover yourself due to a hot day.

But, why the cockroaches grow most in the summer season? It’s a good answer and appropriate solution is as given below:

Cockroaches Love Heat

More the warmer environment is, more the cockroaches will breed. Actually, the high temperature is a breeding season that increases the metabolic rate of roaches and helps them to grow faster. This is why the cockroaches are found prominently in the months of June to September
Some species of cockroaches prefer night times to crawl around and hunt for the food items and water. That’s why, in warmer nights they become active and roam under the sink and damper areas. Because, they find it difficult to get food outside the hot climate.

They Hide In Gaps And Cracks

As the temperature increases and the atmosphere turns out to be too hot, the cockroaches start to hunt for the tiny spaces. Thus, if your home has gaps, cracks, tiny holes or space, cockroaches will definitely come to live there. Small gaps around the pipes, windows, doors and other secret entrances are helpful for cockroaches resident.

Solution To Remove The Cockroaches

  • Keep your home clean and dry
  • Cover the eatables and remove the leftovers
  • Control the moisture by repairing the leakage
  • Seal the cracks and gaps properly

In case you have found any cockroach in your home or around then hire the cockroaches experts. Professionals at Pestex are experienced and well versed with new techniques to remove the pests permanently.

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